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Landy!  LANDY!

Welcome to our Blog!

Several years ago, as we were well into our Forties, we decided that we needed an adventure to look forward to. We both had good jobs, our son/stepson, Sam was grown up and we wanted to do something before we became too old/ill/decrepit to do anything more than lay on a beach for a week. Keith was born in South Africa and we had holidayed in various southern African countries several times, each trip becoming more and more adventurous. But we needed to step it up a gear! Hence the plan was hatched, we saved our money and in 2015 we rented our house out, resigned from our jobs, shipped our 18 year old Land Rover out to Cape Town and then joined her for an overland trip through southern and eastern Africa.

During our 15 months we visited 11 countries and had the most amazing time. We had lots of small dramas, breakdowns, insect bites, animal encounters, tedious border crossings, hundreds of sales pitches, adrenaline pumping moments and lots of peaceful times in the middle of nowhere. So now we would love to tell you all about our adventures and inspire you to do something similar.

Hopefully we can tell you about some of the planning, logistics, paperwork and mechanical issues as well as some useful tips and “must haves”. We can also think of a few things we might have done differently.

But most importantly we will share with you some of the most wonderful, beautiful countries on earth and perhaps it will spark some interest for  you to set off on your own adventure for a year or two, or just a couple of weeks. Trust us, however long you go for, you will love it and with a bit of planning it can be a unique experience, connecting you to nature and allowing you time and space to be yourself and get away from this mad modern world we live in.

Happy travelling,

Julie and Keith (and Landy!)

ps – if you use a vehicle other than a Landy we will forgive you – eventually.